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2023 Products of the Year

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Rheem light duty commercial water heaters

Rheem announced the launch of Triton Super and Light Duty water heaters. The commercial units, with up to 98% thermal efficiency, eliminate downtime with the ability to detect and prevent water heater problems before they occur, the company says. Developed with small business owners in mind, Triton Light Duty (50-and 75-gallon) offers a smarter, more robust solution compared to standard units. While Triton Super Duty (119-gallon) provides greater capacity for businesses that need maximum hot water delivery. Triton Super and Light Duty join the existing Rheem Triton line-up consisting of Heavy-Duty units (80-and 100-gallon).


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Sloan American-made flushometers

Sloan offers a complete line of manual exposed flushometers made in the United States. The line features a wide range of options, including exposed and concealed flushometers with diaphragm and piston technology for water closets and urinals. Additional flushometer options include single- and dual-flush, along with top, rear and side spud connections. Sloan’s manual flushometers — manufactured at Sloan’s Franklin Park, Ill., headquarters — are available in graphite, brushed nickel, brushed stainless, polished brass and polished chrome special finish options. Sloan’s flushometers are both compliant with and exceed current Buy American Act (BAA) requirements.


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Taco ECM circulators

Taco Comfort Solutions has expanded its family of easy to use, high-efficiency ECM circulators with the addition of the 0026e. With a maximum of 26 feet of head and 44 gpm, the new variable-speed circulator offers up to 85 percent energy savings over a conventional circulator. The 0026e circulator is available with cast iron or NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 certified stainless steel volutes, ideal for either closed-loop heating systems or domestic hot water systems. It also offers a convenient, rotatable control box for a professional look, no matter the orientation of the installed circulator.


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Franklin Electric pump line expansion

Franklin Electric Co. announced that its Little Giant brand has expanded its sump pump lineup to include: BSP33 Series (1/3 hp), BSP50 Series (1/2 hp) and 5.5 ASPA Series (1/4 hp) builder-grade sump pumps, BSC33 Series (1/3 hp) and BSC50 Series (1/2 hp) sump/effluent pumps, BSWC50 Series (1/2 hp) sewage pump and SPBS 1-HF Series battery backup system. All products also feature Little Giant’s proven durable construction and feature a two-year warranty.


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Ruvati rainbow skinks

Ruvati infuses an array of fresh colors into the bathroom with new finish options for its popular epiStone series of bathroom sinks. The collection of colors complements the modern profile of the vessel-style basins, creating statement pieces that are memorable and practical, the company says. The matte black and classic white finishes offer a stylish twist far above the look of traditional porcelain sinks, but the color options don’t stop there. Ruvati breaks out with eye-catching hues such as Avocado Lime Green, Pacific Blue and a lovely light pink called Sedona Clay. 


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Uponor PEX-a pipe

Uponor PEX-a provides flexible, durable, reliable and consistent piping systems that offer corrosion resistance, kink repairability and a 25-year transferable limited warranty. With Uponor AquaPEX for plumbing in sizes up to 3" and Wirsbo hePEX oxygen-barrier pipe for radiant and hydronic distribution in sizes up to 4", there’s an Uponor PEX-a solution available to meet most any residential or commercial application, the company states.


PVI domestic water heaters

PVI, a Watts brand, expands its Centurion family of compact, direct-fired domestic water heaters with the addition of a 1600 MBH model to complement its existing 2000 MBH size. With the new size, plumbing contractors have even more options to right-size their water heating systems, creating additional efficiency benefits to commercial applications. Centurion water heaters deliver up to 99% thermal efficiency and offers O2 Trim, which allows the unit to self-adjust and maintain optimal air/fuel rations for peak efficiency, as well as low emissions and maximum uptime reliability. The compact Centurion occupies up to 65% less footprint than competing models. Its small size allows the water heater to fit through a standard doorway and in most freight elevators.


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Merit Brass CarbonPress fittings

Merit Brass Co. announced the addition to their press offering of CarbonPress Fittings to its product line. These new fittings are suitable for use on steel pipes conforming to ASTM A53, A106, A135, a795 (schedule 10 to 40) or constructed of black iron, epoxy coated or galvanized steel. CarbonPress fittings are made from ASTM A420 carbon steel with a Zn-Ni plating and provide excellent corrosion resistance, strength and ductility, the company says. The fittings are compatible with a wide range of fluids, gases and oils & lubricants making them ideal for use in applications where traditionally joined carbon steel products are specified.


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Zurn EZ Flush sensor retrofit kit

The EZ Flush Sensor Retrofit Kit features a durable, chrome-plated metal finish that is impact-resistant, deterring vandalism. The unit is battery-powered, sensor operated and features a true mechanical override button to deliver on-demand flushing. The unit’s gear-driven operation outperforms temperamental solenoids, minimizing replacement costs, the company says. It also has a toggle feature that allows for optional 24-hour line flushing. The infrared sensor flush activation supports a hygienic restroom experience by eliminating touchpoints and is angled for optimum user detection. The internal sensor and motor components never encounter water, helping to ensure reliable operation for the lifetime of a commercial restroom. With its side-mounted design, the new EZ Flush Sensor Retrofit Kit allows for installation on either the right or left side of the flush valve. Installation is completed by simply removing the existing handle and installing the side-mounted sensor retrofit kit.


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Sloan commercial restroom smart system

Sloan has announced the launch of its SC Argus Pro suite. The offering consists of smart products, data bridges and cloud-based SC Argus software that turns collected data into insights viewed through a web browser. The system is compatible with a wide range of Sloan smart products, including energy-efficient SOLIS® flushometers and high-traffic ETF faucets. SC Argus Pro connects with all Sloan IoT devices for easy remote management and employs the latest best practices for end-to-end customer data security.


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General Pipe Cleaners’ automatic cable feed drain cleaner

General Pipe Cleaners’ hand-held Power-Vee drain cleaner with automatic feed makes clearing small drain lines fast and easy, the company says. The simplified feeding system gives savvy plumbing, drain cleaning, maintenance, and rehab pros an “extra hand” in tight and awkward spaces. Just squeeze the lever – and cable feeds at up to 16 feet per minute. Power-Vee easily unclogs sinks, tubs and laundry drains from 1-1/4” to 3” in diameter, up to 50 feet long. General’s automatic feed quickly adjusts to Flexicore® cable diameters from 1/4” to 3/8” without special tools or additional parts.


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in2aqua performance shower

German faucet and shower system manufacturer in2aqua announced the launch of its new Performance Shower line to the North American market. in2aqua’s Performance Shower Line features multi-port ceramic disc valve diverters combined with high-performance thermostatic valves, all of which guarantee an ergonomic and user-friendly shower system, the company says. Its award-winning in2itiv mounting system saves installation costs and reduces sound transfer to the back wall. Included in the line are the in2aqua PS- Retro and PS Techno S shower systems. The new in2aqua PS- Retro shower system offers a simple renovation solution for the bathroom.


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Delta Commercial fixture line

Delta Commercial’s Architectural Design Series features faucets and soap dispensers with Proximity Sensing Technology and flush valves with H2Optics Sensing Technology. The faucets are available with three flow rate options. The faucets ship complete with three aerators which allow flexibility at time of installation. Proximity Sensing Technology allow the user to turn on the water by simply placing a hand near the faucet spout. The entire faucet body acts as a sensor, responding when activated. They are designed for tough conditions and busy facilities that require hands-free operation, vandal resistance, reliable operation and ease of maintenance.


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Gessi Origini faucet collection

Gessi launched a unique faucet collection with an array of shapes, colors and finishes. A celebration of color and its influence on ambiances, the Origini collection presents the faucets in a series of five triads using distinctive chromatic groupings to represent themes and translate moods into the universal language of color, the company says. The intentions behind this collection are centered on giving people the freedom to design their bathroom according to their own personality, with options to mix colors, materials and finishes. 


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Gerber pre rinse pull-down kitchen faucet

Add a bit of spice to any kitchen with the Parma Pre-Rinse Single Handle Spring Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet’s professional chef-inspired design. Offering modern flair with minimalist details, its high-arc, spring style neck and convenient pull-down spout extend cleaning reach. The ergonomically designed sprayhead features an easy-to-use toggle button that switches from steady stream to powerful spray. Single handle function streamlines the look, and integrated hot and cold supply lines ease installation.


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Moen bathroom collection

Moen’s new Greenfield bathroom collection reflects the characteristics of the location that inspired its name – Greenfield Village, Michigan, home to numerous notable American inventors. From modern farmhouse to Mid-Century, Greenfield adapts well to any space thanks to its clean, simple lines and subtle beveled edges that add a point of interest to the room without distracting from the bathroom’s overall design, the company says. The collection also offers a variety of matching accessory options, such as lighting, towel bars and a new toilet paper holder with shelf. 


Johnson Controls-Hitachi hybrid HVAC system

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning today introduced the new Hitachi air365 Hybrid dual fuel system, which combines a heat pump and furnace to provide efficient, economical comfort to homeowners year-round, while reducing carbon emissions. The air365 Hybrid system features an innovative, dual fuel module that attaches to a gas furnace and is paired with an external, Hitachi Mini VRF heat pump as the primary heating and cooling source. Depending on the outside temperature, it automatically uses the most efficient heating source to provide comfort, save energy, and reduce emissions and utility costs.


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Kohler intelligent toilet

Kohler has launched its most advanced intelligent toilet, Numi 2.0. Numi 2.0 offers exceptional water efficiency, personalized cleansing and dryer functions, a heated seat and high-quality built-in speakers, the company states. The lighting features on Kohler’s flagship intelligent toilet can be paired with speakers to create different spa-like environments within a bathroom space, the company adds.



Sharkbite push-to-connect fittings

SharkBite Max push-to-connect fittings have been re-engineered to deliver the same reliability as the company’s 1st generation fittings but with new product enhancements that provide more strength and an easier installation.  The original brass body now has a reinforced stainless-steel collar for added strength, allowing the fitting to handle up to double the burst pressure compared to the SharkBite (1st Generation) fitting.SharkBite Max fittings require half the insertion effort as the original fitting, allowing for seamless installations and quicker emergency repairs in wet lines, the company says.


A. O. Smith scale preventing tankless water heater

A.O. Smith announced the launch of its Concentric Vent Non-condensing Tankless Water Heater line with X3® Scale Prevention Technology. Designed to meet the unique needs of industry professionals, this product simplifies installations thanks to contractor-preferred concentric venting, the company says. The unit accommodates long venting runs and features quick natural-gas-to-propane field convertibility for added flexibility.